Dark mode of WhatsApp for Android and IOS in 2020


Dark mode of WhatsApp for Android and IOS in 2020. WhatsApp announced the release of the use of the app in dark (or night) mode to iPhone and Android users. The feature was in testing since January, in the beta version of the application. Download the Free Portal Mix Vale App

The dark mode is designed to reduce eye fatigue in low-light environments and avoid those moments when the phone lights up the room.

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Grayish background

“During testing, we found that combining pure black and white creates high contrast that can lead to eye fatigue. Therefore, you will notice a special dark gray background and a whitish color that reduces the brightness of the screen, reduces glare and improves contrast and readability ”, says WhatsApp, which belongs to Facebook.

Here’s how to activate WhatsApp’s dark (or night) mode:

Users of Android 10 and iPhones with iOS 13 can activate dark mode in their device settings. If smartphones are set to night mode, the application will also work in the darkest setting.

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In the case of iPhones, only those with iOS 13 will have WhatsApp night mode available.

On Android version 9 (Pie) or earlier, follow the step by step below.

  1. Open WhatsApp and access the “Settings” (or “Settings”);
  2. Touch the “Conversations” option to change the display mode;
  3. Touch the “Theme” option and change to “Dark”.

If the display mode is not yet available, you need to update on WhatsApp, accessing the page in the app stores, Play Store and App Store.

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