Digital banking and telephony! C6 Bank now has Tim as a business partner


Tim announced a major deal with digital bank C6 Bank that, depending on the results in the coming months, could become something even bigger.

C6 Bank arrived in August last year in Brazil but quickly grew, mainly due to marketing strategies that showed that fintech knew how to find its audience. On the occasion of the announcement of shows by singer Taylor Swift in Brazil, for example, C6 customers had priority for tickets, which made many open an account with the institution.

In February of that year, the company reached 1.5 million customers, and now, with Tim, the idea is to offer in 2020 a new mix of services that can impact the base of 55 million customers of telecom. Although not yet detailed, the strategy may involve both payment and sale channels for the benefit of each other, which opens up great possibilities.

Depending on the initial results, Tim may acquire a minority stake in the capital of C6 Bank, and the financial institution would certainly have an ally in the business that has experience and penetration in the Brazilian territory.

It is worth remembering, last year was another fintech, Nubank, which received a financial contribution from the giant Tencent, which demonstrated the confidence of the gaming company in the digital banking market.

Both Tim and Nubank announced measures to mitigate the effects of quarantine in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic: telecom will offer more internet to all its customers with active plans or credits, while fintech created a R $ 20 million fund to assist its customers with psychological assistance, telemedicine and food services.

And you, who thought of this partnership between Tim and C6 Bank? Tell us in the comments!

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