Doctor at Barras Regional Hospital tests positive for Covid-19


The Municipal Health Department of the city of Barras, confirmed, on Thursday night (26), that a doctor at the Leônidas Melo Regional Hospital, tested positive for Codiv-19. The Hospital Management conducted tests on the professionals he works with, but did not provide his name.

The hospital will also do tests with patients that the doctor saw on Wednesday (25). According to the information, he attended last Monday (23) in the municipality. He would have already arrived in the region with the symptoms.

The state of health of the doctor, who also works in Batalha, is not serious and is in quarantine.

Regional Hiospital Leônidas Melo (Ascom)

According to a voice message from the hospital coordinator, to the Longah portal, she confirms and reassures hospital staff. And according to her, the doctor is reacting well. “There is no reason to panic. Everyone knows that Covid will reach 80% of the population. People can manifest in a mild, medium or severe manner. Management has already guided social isolation, which is required by the protocol. Anyway, we knew that sooner or later this was going to happen, either by a professional or by a patient ”, he said.

The State Department of Health reported that in its database the case of the doctor at the Leônidas Melo Regional Hospital, in Barras, remains a suspect case.

Coronavirus Map in Piauí

Numbers in Piauí

The Secretary of State for Health (SESAPI) released late Thursday afternoon (26), the new numbers related to the coronavirus in Piauí. According to the bulletin, the confirmed cases of Covid-19 rose to 9, with 190 still suspect, 192 discarded and 391 notified in the state.

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