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Catapulted to a new national hero overnight, in place of Sérgio Moro, who disappeared, orthopedist Luiz Henrique Mandetta, a former deputy of the DEM of Mato Grosso do Sul, is already falling into the common grave of the government.

From the serious doctor, who competently took charge of the fight against the coronavirus, in recent days he has returned to being just another politician of the low clergy.

Framed by Bolsonaro, he became more concerned with the disaster caused by the pandemic in the economy, like his boss, than with the rapid advance of the coronavirus in Brazil.

Dr. Mandetta gave a wooden horse in his speech, after he became more popular than the president, and caused a huge jealousy, as my colleague Thaís Oyama commented on UOL today in his column. Now, he already thinks that even the temples can remain open.

Suddenly, he started to attack governors, like his boss, for the restrictions adopted in the States, which would be “terrible” for the health sector.

After a conference with governors from the Midwest and Southeast, this Tuesday morning, he left saying that the closure of highways and airports could hinder the operation of medical equipment factories.

“Actions must be synchronized and must not be politically motivated,” he complained, as if the governors were only thinking about the next elections, the same speech as Bolsonaro.

When returning to wear the costume of a retail politician, instead of the SUS coat, Dr. Mandetta criticized politicians, as his boss has been doing.

“I have seen mayors with elections in front. There was one who called me and said that he had already closed a grocery store, rubber shop and butcher. I asked why and he told me that the opposition guy had said on the radio that if he didn’t close, was wrong”.

And? What does this have to do with the social isolation that the minister himself has vehemently defended in recent weeks, to prevent the spread of the virus?

“There are doctors closing offices,” said Mandetta, recommending that no one should stop attending appointments. But, we elderly people, are we not forbidden to leave the house so as not to spread the virus or be infected by it?

What has changed? “In a little while I’m there taking care of a virus, but where’s the prenatal care? Where’s the guy doing chemotherapy? I can’t say what’s essential,” he tried to argue.

Unknown to the majority of the population until the beginning of the year, with his technical and thoughtful speeches on television, unlike his boss, in which he showed the seriousness of the pandemic that spread throughout the country, called by Bolsonaro “gripezinha”, Mandetta came to give hope that, at last, there was an adult in the midst of the militant youth riot installed in the Plateau.

In his new phase of pure demagoguery, the doctor promised today to send 2.3 million molecular tests to the States to detect the coronavirus, with his own production from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

So far, however, the foundation linked to the Ministry of Health has produced only 30,000 tests and is expected to reach 50,000 by the end of the month, and could triple the amount in April, according to information from the institution itself.

Saying one thing today and another the other way around tomorrow, kicking numbers like who’s playing the mega-scene and selling illusion is a characteristic of this government, which Dr. Mandetta succumbed to and incorporated quickly.

It is a pity. Put the SUS coat back on, doctor. We need to trust someone.

Life goes on.

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