Ex-BBB Guilherme responds about ‘chemistry’ with Boca Rosa and says he has not yet spoken to her


Three weeks after being eliminated from the “BBB 20”, Guilherme Napolitano told a live on Instagram, made this Tuesday night, that he has not yet spoken to Bianca Andrade, Boca Rosa, his great friend in the confinement. The relationship between the two was the subject of comments here, and the public even thought that there was something more between them.

During the chat with the fans, the digital influencer Hugo Gloss entered Guilherme’s live and asked him about the “chemistry” he had with Boca Rosa.

“Let’s talk about something undeniable, which is the chemistry between you and Bianca. There was something there …”, teased Gloss.

“A lot of people out here saw it that way, but she was the first person to give me an opening to be a friend. I was wrong, yes, when I didn’t know how to dose when I started dating Gabi,” replied Guilherme, adding that he intends to have a friendship with the digital influencer out here.

“I haven’t talked to Bianca yet. I respect her interviews. I don’t want to be enmity with anyone. She gave an interview, and people thought I didn’t like what she said, but I understand her side. thing”.

About the dating with Gabi Martins, initiated in the confinement, Guilherme continues saying that he continues to cheer for the singer and waiting for her out here. He said on live that he misses his sister and defended her from criticism that she was doing “type” on the reality show.

“Gabi is a person who doesn’t like to be bad with anyone. She is afraid of hurting people. I don’t think she’s playing a character. I don’t really feel that.”

The model stated that he continues to date and that he will wait for Gabi to leave reality for the two to talk and decide the direction of the relationship.

Guilherme says he is in love with Gabi and waits outside
Guilherme says he is in love with Gabi and waits outside here Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

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