Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp with large increase in users


With COVID-19 forcing several countries to be quarantined, many users have been more active on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. These have been considerably very active in several countries, where they are used as forms of contact with family and friends, and even telework.

According to the CNET portal, it received data from Facebook, where it is possible to see that the platform increased about 70% in video calls on Messenger. The same was also seen in WhatsApp, with a considerable increase in calls, especially in the most affected countries.

It is not surprising that these rates have increased, as both networks have the largest number of users in practically the entire world, and are the simplest way for everyone to be able to access and talk to families, friends or co-workers.

If the state of the pandemic worsens, the number of users may be higher, being already visible on other platforms of the same kind such as TikTok, Instagram, Houseparty, Zoom, among others.

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