Find out why men are more at risk of death from covid-19


A study published in China shows that the mortality rate for men infected with the new coronavirus is 2.8%, higher than that of women, which is 1.7%. Data from other countries confirm the trend of greater vulnerability in the male audience: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, South Korea and Iran. In Italy, one of the countries with the most deaths from the disease called covid-19, reported that men were 71 % of victims.

According to the British newspaper The Ghardian, experts are still unsure as to why mortality is higher for men than for women. The hypothesis is a combination of three factors: habits, hygiene and hormones.

Initial studies related the highest lethality among the male audience to smoking, low among Chinese women and high among men. However, with the spread of the disease to other countries, with more balanced smoking rates, men continued to be the most vulnerable to covid-19.

Although the effects on the new coronavirus have not been specifically studied, the hormone estrogen has shown positive results in reducing infection by Influenza, common flu, in women, but not in men, according to a 2016 study by University researchers Johns Hopkins, in the United States. Other than that, the male immune system may also take longer to confront viruses, which has already been seen in HIV and hepatitis C.

Another factor is hygiene among men, which is lower than that of women, as several have already shown. Men do not always wash their hands or use soap, for example. In a pandemic, like the current one, hygiene habits are crucial to avoid contagion, according to the World Health Organization.

To find out the exact reasons for the higher death rate among men with covid-19, governments and hospitals around the world would need to share more data about those killed by the disease. Countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, for example, still do not report this data.

The new coronavirus has globally infected around 500,000 people and, considering John Hopkins University figures, 22,295 died from complications of covid-19. In Brazil, the number of cases is over 2 thousand and deaths exceed 60.


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