Flu vaccination campaign continues on the 30th – daily


Vaccination in Campinas continues next week (Photo: Fernanda Sunega / PMC)

The high demand for the vaccine against Influenza 2020 in Campinas, which generated queues and ended up in many health posts, made the city government decide to resume vaccination next Monday (30) at Health Centers (CSs). This is because the doses of the vaccine were exhausted in almost all health units.

According to the City Hall, CSs that still have remaining doses from the two initial batches received from the Federal Government will prioritize the vaccine for bedridden elderly people who will be cared for at home by the teams.

Vaccination of bedridden patients follows a schedule established by the health services of each region and continues during the month.

Campinas applies 90.1 thousand vaccines in two days of campaign
Campinas resumes flu vaccination this Wednesday


To avoid new crowds at health posts, the recommendation of the director of Devisa (Department of Health Surveillance), of the Campinas Department of Health, Andrea von Zuben, is that people avoid exposing themselves and leave to return to vaccination sites a starting next Monday.

This Friday, the third batch of vaccines will be sent by the State Department of Health, but it is expected to arrive in Campinas only in the middle of the day. As the vaccines need to be removed by the Municipality and then distributed to the network of 66 Health Centers (CSs), it is more guaranteed that the supply is finished by the beginning of the week.


Since the beginning of the campaign, last Monday, 83,109 doses of the flu vaccine have been applied in Campinas. Of this total, 68,828 people over the age of 60 have already been vaccinated, out of an estimated universe of 146,000 people in this age group in the city, which is one of the target audiences of the first stage.

With that number, vaccination coverage for the elderly reached 50.45% at the end of this Thursday. 14,281 doses applied to health workers were also computed.

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