Four alternative proposals for the design of the Golf GTI MK8


It is impossible to please “Greeks and Trojans” and among designers it is no different. After the presentation of the eighth generation of Golf in Portugal at the end of last year, Volkswagen revealed this year the most peppered versions of its best-seller: Golf GTI, Golf GTE and Golf GTD.

However, for many, I knew a little … And it was not due to the specifications of the new Golf GTI, but mainly because of its appearance, taking into account the general approval obtained by the previous generation.

Designers being designers would not be quiet. Armed with Photoshop, they gave the talent to give us their vision of what would be, for them, the ideal Golf GTI for this new generation. But even before we got to know them, Volkswagen published new images of the Golf GTI (and the GTD and GTE), equipped with new and more attractive wheels.

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