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For more than two weeks in Madeira, where he is quarantined with Cristiano Ronaldo and the player’s children, Georgina Rodríguez allowed himself, last Wednesday, to stroll through Funchal, by the sea.

CR7’s girlfriend was surprised by the paparazzi to break the quarantine for moments of relaxation with the twins Eva and Mateo and little Alana on Avenida do Mar, near the new luxury home of the ace in Madeira.

During the tour, which was brief, Gio pushed Eva’s stroller, while the security guard followed by with Mateo and loves her with Alana, Georgina and Ronaldo’s only daughter in common.
This is not the first time that the Spanish woman has come out of isolation and is caught in the streets of Funchal. Last week, he faced a lot of criticism from fans when breaking the quarantine to go to clothing stores in the city center. This time, the tour was much shorter, with the family briefly enjoying the good weather that is felt in Madeira.

Ronaldo criticized

Cristiano Ronaldo and his family will remain in Madeira indefinitely, until the pandemic stops. The player has been modest in the seven-story luxury building he bought about a year ago and in which he has already been surprised by the paparazzi to sunbathe by the pool.

The luxury quarantine was criticized by former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, who did not spare the player.

“The thing at Juventus got complicated when Cristiano Ronaldo left. Ronaldo said he went to Portugal because of his mother, but now he only appears to take pictures in the pool. When this exception was made, the situation fell apart and others wanted to go. though. It shouldn’t have been like that. They should all have been quarantined, “he said.

Indifferent to criticism, Ronaldo continues his quarantine, in which he has already been tested for coronavirus, after more than one Juventus colleague has been infected. However, the examination by the Portuguese international was negative.

Enjoy the pool
Cristiano Ronaldo has already been surprised by the paparazzi to soak up the sun by the pool, which is located on the top of the building where he is. The last two floors are occupied by CR7 and the rest by the mother and brothers of the ace.

Dolores recovers
Dolores is already at home, after having been hospitalized for two weeks following a stroke. Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is now recovering alongside the whole family and has taken the opportunity to kill her grandchildren.

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