Gizelly is the tenth leader of the BBB 20; Gabi and Mari are on the wall


Gizelly is the tenth leader of the BBB 20, after winning the race with Ivy; Mari and Gabi were the sisters with the worst performance in the race and, consequently, are on the wall.

In the precision test, the pairs needed to fulfill the dynamics in up to three and a half minutes. One participant was lifted by a rope structure and the other was to remain in the handling. The goal was to take one cube at a time and take them to the pipes, until time ran out. Each cube has a score, the dynamics gained who scored the most points during the race.

Just before the race started, Thelma was told she should veto someone from the race and chose to take Flayslane out of the race. Tiago then asked the brothers to split into pairs: Rafa and Manu; Ivy and Gizelly; Babu and Prior; Marcela and Thelma; Mari and Gabi. In addition, the presenter announced that the pair with prior performance would be on the wall of the week.

Check the score of each pair

Rafa and Manu: 85 points

Ivy and Gizelly: 130 points

Babu and Prior: 80 points

Marcela and Thelma: 110 points

Mari and Gabi: 70 points

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