GTA 6 already has a registered website and may be announced soon


The rumors that GTA 6 will be announced soon are growing.

The next game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise may be getting closer and closer. After a fan managed to find what appears to be the game’s map, the publisher responsible for GTA 6, Take-Two Interactive, which owns the companies Rockstar and 2K Games, registered the domain on the internet. Although there is still nothing on the site, the space is already reserved to host future information about the expected game.

GTA V was launched in 2013, for multiplatforms. The game is one of the biggest and best selling open world action games of all time. The development of the sequel, GTA VI, has been talked about for many years, although nothing has been confirmed by the developers. It is expected that the game will bring an even larger universe, with many maps for exploration as it will be available for the next console generation.

In turn, Rockstar, which is one of the main developers, has not yet commented on a possible announcement about the game. The domain registration date was March 23, 2020, but it doesn’t leave much details. The name of the site is not registered as Rockstar Games, or Take-Two Interactive, but “MarkMonitor, Inc.”, which is the name used by the owner of the publishers to make a series of records, for different titles.

In addition to, was also registered. The second domain practically confirms that the game will have Vice City as its main scenario, which is inspired and practically reproduces the city of Miami, Florida. It is expected that the scenario will be much larger in the sixth generation of the game, and may even contain more than one country. Some of the additions must be airports, which will allow the player to fly from one country to another, with greater speed.

Some sites say that the official announcement of GTA 6 may happen soon, but the action may also be just a “guarantee”, to reserve space for the game’s website. A rumor stated that the game would be released in 2021, for the next generation consoles: Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

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