‘Happy to have you well’


Preta Gil rediscovered part of the family after finishing the 14-day isolation due to the diagnosis of the coronavirus. ‘Happy to have you well and back with us! I love you so much, sister ‘, celebrated Bela Gil when sharing the photo of the reunion on her Instagram account. Rodrigo Godoy, husband of the singer, and brother-in-law, João Paulo Demasi, Bela’s husband, also participated

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The quarantine of Preta Gil ended, diagnosed with the coronavirus after singing at the wedding of the sister of influencer Gabriela Pugliesi. Along with her husband, Rodrigo Godoy, the singer was visited by Sister Bela Gil, by Soraya Rocha, and by her brother-in-law, João Paulo Demasi, on Thursday (26). “Happy to have you well and back with us! I love you very much, sister. And I love you even more when you and your family stay here at home. Thank you for the affection and the pampering. You are just love!”, Wrote Bela.

Fans vibrate Preta Gil’s high after coronavirus

According to columnist Ancelmo Gois, of the newspaper “O Globo”, the singer was seen at the Sirio Libanês Hospital, in São Paulo, and released by the medical team. Commenting on her sister’s post, Preta thanked the support received by the family. “Thank you for welcoming me, it was very important to receive your love and care,” said Gilberto Gil’s daughter. The followers celebrated the high of the artist, who cried in live to miss her son, Francisco Gil. “What good news. Then in 14 days the virus dissipates and is cured. Thank God,” vibrated one. “Images like this give us hope for better days”, added another.

Coronavirus killed conductor of the Municipal Theater of SP

By the beginning of this evening, the Ministry of Health reported that 2,915 people were infected with covid-19 in Brazil, including a three-month-old baby, of which 77 died. One of the dead was Naomi Munakata, aged 64. Naomi was a conductor at the Municipal Theater of São Paulo and was hospitalized a week ago. Upon entering the Oswaldo Cruz Hospital, the musician needed to be intubated. During the hospitalization period, he contracted renal failure and had to undergo hemodialysis. In France, almost 370 lost their lives in almost 24 hours. In the USA, the notifications exceed the numbers reached in China, where the pandemic began, and in Italy, which records the record of fatalities. More than 82,000 Americans have been infected against just over 81,000 Chinese and approximately 80,500 Italians.

Alice Wegmann reported symptoms of covid-19

The actress used her social network to indicate that she has symptoms of the coronavirus. “I had a lot of cough, a lot of difficulty breathing for the first four days. I had a lot of pain in my body, especially in the middle of my back, and I had a lot of headache,” said Alice Wegmann. Hours later, Fernanda Paes Leme, who tested positive, said that she felt a worsening, according to her, something typical of those infected. Ana Hickmann found her son, Alexandre Junior. The presenter was isolated at home when she suspected she had contracted the virus.

Coronavirus causes changes in broadcasters

The pandemic has also affected the schedule of TV stations. Globo took down Ana Maria Braga, Fátima Bernardes and Fernanda Gentil’s programs and extended journalism. Novel reruns will occupy the six, seven and nine bands indefinitely. At RecordTV, the same should happen in contemporary and biblical tracks. SBT should play the debut of “Poliana Moça” for 2021. “A Place in the Sun”, “Workout: Transformation”, “Genesis” and “In the Times of the Emperor” were postponed.

(Per Guilherme Guidorizzi)

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