‘he wants me to die’


Actor Lima Duarte, a veteran of Brazilian television drama, will complete his 90th birthday next Sunday (29). He remains inmate in a family farm, located in the interior of São Paulo, in the face of fear of contamination of the new coronavirus, especially for being part of the group considered at risk for Covid-19.

The actor was recording the second season of the Globoplay series, Aruanas, when the recordings were suspended at the discretion of the broadcaster, since the pandemic hit the country. In an interview with the newspaper Extra, Lima Duarte expressed concern about the speech of the President of the Republic Jair Bolsonaro last Tuesday (24), classifying him as “tragic”.

“His speech is a tragic thing for me. He means: ‘let the old man die’. Young people are fine, boys are fine, so let the old man die. He wants to save the economy by punching, stabbing, shooting. As he talked I thought: ‘ih, he’s talking to me. He wants me to die! ‘”, declared the contractor of Rede Globo, implying that the president does not care about the elderly.

Jair Bolsonaro and most of the country’s governors are in disagreement because of the measures taken against the coronavirus. The president criticizes the fanfare surrounding the pandemic, believing that the quarantine and hysteria of the population, driven by the media, will bring serious damage to the country’s economic health.

Meanwhile, Rede Globo chose to cancel all productions of its soap operas. The studios are closed, and the soap operas in progress have been taken down, giving way to reruns of past plots.

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