Health distributes over 284 thousand doses of flu vaccine


influenza 25 03 2020 The Secretary of State for Health finalizes this Tuesday (03/24) the distribution of one more shipment of the flu vaccine to all the municipalities of Paraná. The sending of this second batch, of 284 thousand doses, started yesterday, as soon as they arrived from the Ministry of Health.

National Campaign – Paraná has already received 806 thousand doses for the National Campaign for Immunization against Influenza, which started on Monday (23/03) and continues until May 22. The first batch, with 522 thousand doses, was delivered to the municipalities before the campaign began. Distribution to municipal departments takes place through the 22 Regional Health Departments of the State.

Distribution – For this year’s campaign, the ministry adopted a multi-batch distribution strategy during the 14 weeks of the campaign. In the coming days, the state secretariat should receive the third, with 213 thousand more doses and, in the same way, distribute to the municipalities according to the quantitative criterion proportional to the population.

Sufficient doses – “The State Government guarantees that we will have sufficient doses throughout the campaign for the population listed in the priority groups. The forecast is 3.8 million in total, according to our target audience. At this moment, in the first phase, the priority groups for receiving the vaccine are the elderly, over 60 years old, and health workers ”, says the Secretary of Health of Paraná, Beto Preto.

Second stage – The second stage of the 22nd National Influenza Vaccination Campaign, will be from April 16 and will include teachers, security forces professionals, people with chronic diseases and other special conditions.

Third and final phase – The third and final phase begins on May 9, with the immunization of children from six months to five years, 11 months and 29 days, pregnant women, puerperal women, indigenous peoples, adolescents and young people from 12 to 21 years of age who buy socio-educational measures, population deprived of liberty, prison staff and adults aged 55 to 59 years.

Organization – The State Department of Health informs that the vaccination scheme is organized by the municipal departments. (Paraná News Agency)

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