Health of SC adopts Epidemiological Surveillance measures after death by coronavirus in the State


After confirmation of first death from coronavirus (COVID-19) in Santa Catarina, the Santa Catarina State Department of Health informs that it is taking the necessary measures to collect samples and monitor people who were living with the patient. The State’s Epidemiological Surveillance remains ahead of the actions.

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– We are carrying out all the necessary work to monitor the people with whom the patient had contact and orienting towards social isolation – affirms the Secretary of Health, Helton Zeferino.

According to him, the teams are in the field performing the necessary services. The 86-year-old patient died at the Regional Hospital of São José, and lived in a nursing home. All local residents will be tested to see if they have been infected with the virus.

Patient information

The Department of Health also points out that, following guidance from the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM), it does not comment on information from inpatients or those who die in the state health care network.

This measure, which protects the patient and the professional team, is supported by the Code of Medical Ethics, Chapter IX, Article 75, in which it is forbidden to “refer to identifiable clinical cases, display patients or their portraits in professional advertisements or in the disclosure of subjects doctors, in the media in general, even with the patient’s authorization “.

Still in Article 73, sole paragraph, disclosure remains prohibited “even if the fact is public knowledge or the patient has died”.

The first death by COVID-19 in Santa Catarina was confirmed on the night of this Wednesday, the 25th. The patient was an 86-year-old man, who lived in Florianópolis.

The samples for testing COVID-19 were collected at the Central Public Health Laboratory (Lacen) according to the characteristic of the table. The test confirmed the presence of SARS-CoV2 coronavirus. The patient was kept in respiratory isolation, but died in the early hours of Wednesday, 25.

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