Health workers talk about dengue and coronavirus


Published on 2020-03-26 16:23:34 Updated on 2020-03-26 16:23:34 (14 views)

Since this Wednesday (3/25), agents of the Municipal Program for the Control of Dengue in Americana are also giving guidance on the new coronavirus during visits to neighborhoods. Now, together with information on Aedes aegypti breeding sites, the population receives informational material on the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Today we are carrying out work in the Antônio Zanaga and Vila Bela neighborhood. They are basic guidelines on the need for social isolation, symptoms, when the doctor should be sought, among other items ”, said team leader, Allan Rafael Soares.

At this time, entry into households to check for possible dengue breeding sites has been suspended. The agents talk to the residents at the gate of the residence, keeping the distance recommended by the health agencies. To carry out the work, they were properly instructed by the infectious disease specialist of the Municipal Crisis Committee, Arnaldo Gouvea Junior, by the coordinator of the program to combat dengue, Antonio Jorge da Silva Gomes, and by the director of the Health Surveillance Unit, Donizete Borges.

Two teams, one of employees of the Health Department itself and another of the winning company, Simeprag, are carrying out the fieldwork. The goal is for the action to reach all 100,000 properties in the city. One of the main guidelines is for the population to seek health facilities only when symptoms are more severe, such as fever, difficulty breathing and coughing, so that there is no crowding of people in these places.

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