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26/03/2020 – 21:33
• Updated on 26/03/2020 – 22:31

Michel Jesus / Chamber of Deputies

Deputies approved the project in a virtual plenary vote

The plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved on Thursday (26) the payment of an emergency aid for three months, in the amount of R $ 600.00, to low-income people. The measure was included by deputy Marcelo Aro (PP-MG) in Bill 9236/17, authored by deputy Eduardo Barbosa (PSDB-MG). The text will still be analyzed by the Senate.
In your substitute, Marcelo Aro included suggestions from various parties to expand access to resources during the isolation period to combat the proliferation of the coronavirus (Covid-19).
Initially, in the first version of the report, the amount was R $ 500.00 (against the R $ 200.00 proposed by the government). After negotiations with the government leader, Deputy Vitor Hugo (PSL-GO), the Executive agreed to increase it to R $ 600.00.
The mayor, Rodrigo Maia, said that the government’s support gives assurance that the proposal will be sanctioned. “The government initially suggested R $ 200, but we said that less than R $ 500 would not be accepted,” he said. “The important thing at this point is that Congress, together with the government, found the solution. This gives us certainty that the bill will be sanctioned after Senate approval, in the next few days,” he added.
With the new value, Maia’s impact estimate, of R $ 12 billion, should rise to R $ 14.4 billion. “We will be able to serve these people who are without income, who are informal, who are vulnerable, and need the support of the Brazilian State,” he said.
For mothers who are heads of household (single-parent family), the project allows the receipt of two installments of the aid, totaling R $ 1,200.
As long as the epidemic lasts, the Executive Branch may extend the payment of the aid.
Entrepreneurs who, according to the social security legislation, must pay for the first 15 days of the employee’s leave for health reasons, may deduct the amount of that salary time from the collection of contributions due to the National Social Security Institute (INSS) if the disease is caused by the coronavirus.
To have access to the aid, the person must meet, at the same time, the following requirements:
– be over 18 years of age;
– not having a formal job;
– not receive social security or assistance benefits, unemployment insurance or any other federal income transfer program other than the Family Grant;
– per capita monthly family income (per person) of up to half a minimum wage (R $ 522.50) or total monthly family income (everything the family receives) of up to three minimum wages (R $ 3,135.00); and
– not having received taxable income, in 2018, above R $ 28,559.70.
The candidate person must also fulfill one of these conditions:
– exercise activity as an individual microentrepreneur (MEI);
– be an individual or optional contributor to the General Social Security System (RGPS);
– be an informal worker registered in the Federal Government’s Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico); or
– have met the average income requirement by 20 March 2020.
Two people from the same family will be allowed to accumulate benefits: one from emergency aid and one from Bolsa Família. If the aid is greater than the scholarship, the person can choose the aid.
The average income, on the other hand, will be verified by means of CadÚnico for those enrolled and, for those not enrolled, with self-declaration on a digital platform.
Family income will include all income earned by all members living in the same household, except for Bolsa Família money.
As the candidate for the benefit cannot have formal employment, the substitute lists what goes into this concept: all workers formalized by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT) and all public agents, regardless of the legal relationship, including those in office or temporary function, position in a free appointment and dismissal committee or holders of an elective mandate.
For people with disabilities and elderly people eligible to receive the Continued Benefit (BPC), of a monthly minimum wage (R $ 1,045.00), the INSS may anticipate the payment of R $ 500.00 (amount of emergency aid) until the degree of impairment on which the request is based is granted or is granted the benefit. This assessment usually takes time because it depends on scheduling with expert doctors and social workers from the INSS.
When the BPC is granted, it will be due from the day of application, and what has been advanced will be discounted.
Likewise, the agency may advance the payment of sickness benefit, in the amount of a minimum monthly wage, for three months from the publication of the future law or until the expertise is performed by the INSS, whichever comes first.
To be entitled to this advance, the worker must have fulfilled the grace period required for granting the benefit (12 months of contribution) and present a medical certificate with requirements and form of analysis to be defined in a joint act of the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor of the Ministry of Economy and INSS.
Form of payment
According to the project, emergency aid will be paid by federal public banks through a digital social savings account.
This account will be automatically opened in the name of the beneficiaries, with no need to submit documents and exemption from maintenance fees. The user may make at least one electronic transfer of money per month, free of charge, to a bank account held at any financial institution authorized to operate by the Central Bank.
The account can be the same account already used to pay for resources of government social programs, such as PIS / Pasep and FGTS, but cannot allow the issuance of a physical card, checks or money orders for its movement.
If the person fails to fulfill the stipulated conditions, the aid will no longer be paid. To carry out the necessary checks, the federal agencies will exchange the information contained in their databases.
More information to follow.

Reportage – Eduardo Piovesan and Georgia Moraes
Edition – Pierre Triboli

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