How did GM turn Onix into a new Tracker? See common points and differences


The new Chevrolet Tracker can indeed be considered the SUV version of Onix and Onix Plus: after all, it is built on the same global platform from General Motors for compact vehicles. In addition, both the compact hatch and sedan share the 116 hp 1.0 turbo flex engine with up to 16.8 kgfm of torque with the SUV.

Manual and automatic transmissions are also the same as well as internal trim items, design elements and a number of other components.

Whoever has driven or entered the cabin of the novelty and already knows Onix and Plus, for example, will feel familiar, such is the similarity between the three models inside.

On the other hand, the SUV won some unavailable items in the compact pair to position itself in a step above and justify the higher price: the Chevrolet SUV has suggested prices between R $ 82 thousand and R $ 112 thousand, while Onix starts from R $ 50,990 and reaches R $ 72,590, not counting the options.

In turn, Onix Plus starts at R $ 56,990 and reaches R $ 76,050, also without considering extra equipment, charged separately – the new Tracker was launched without optional items.

Check out what the Onix family and the Tracker have in common and which items are exclusive to Chevrolet’s new compact SUV.

1.0 turbo engine is the same

The new Tracker is always sold with a three-cylinder turbo flex engine, whether the 1.0 is already used in the most expensive versions of Onix and Onix Plus, or the unprecedented 1.2, also bi-fuel and turbocharged, capable of yielding up to 133 hp and 21 hp, 4 kgfm.

The difference is that the hatch and sedan do not have the most powerful engine available and still offer the aspirated version of the one-liter propeller, which delivers 82 hp and 10.6 kgfm with ethanol.

The same goes for automatic and manual six-speed transmissions. It is worth mentioning that the SUV has specific powertrain calibration, although the torque and power specifications of the 1.0 turbo engine are the same in the three vehicles.

Trio has 6 airbags, stability control and drum brake

Regardless of the version, both Onix, Onix and Onix Plus offer six inflatable bags as standard, in addition to bringing stability and traction controls in all configurations – the last two items, incidentally, are mandatory in all new vehicles launched from this year .

The three are also always sold with rear drum brakes.

Models come with 4G, OnStar, Wi-Fi and wireless charging

Tracker benches are different and bring bigger and better back support when compared to Onix and Onix Plus - Marcos Camargo / UOL

Tracker seats are different and bring bigger and better back support compared to Onix and Onix Plus

Image: Marcos Camargo / UOL

Except for the configuration for PCD clients (people with disabilities), all versions of the new Tracker leave the factory with dedicated 4G internet, which requires the payment of a separate data plan, plus Wi-Fi router for up to seven simultaneous devices and system remote tracking and answering service.

In the case of the compact hatch and sedan, these items are now offered from the LT Turbo configuration, which costs R $ 60,290 for Onix and R $ 64,190 for Onix Plus.

Hatch, sedan and SUV have semi-autonomous parking

The top of the range Tracker Premier brings the parking assistance system from the factory, which uses side, front and rear sensors to find a transverse or perpendicular spot on its own and, after finding it, maneuver the car for you – just step on it on the accelerator and the brake.

Onix and Onix Plus can count on this equipment, but in an optional package for the Premier configuration, which costs R $ 3,040 and also adds seats and internal coatings of “premium” synthetic leather, blind spot sensor and automatic and digital air conditioning. a zone.

All of these items come standard on the most expensive Tracker.

Depending on the version, the trio also offers a cordless cell phone recharge system for compatible devices.

Almost identical internal finish

Premier Tracker brings soft vinyl surface to the panel and doors, but overall finish is the same as Onix - Marcos Camargo / UOL

Premier Tracker brings soft vinyl surface to the panel and doors, but overall finish is the same as Onix

Image: Marcos Camargo / UOL

At the launch of the Tracker, GM emphasized that the SUV has a neater cab than that of its competitors – bringing, in the Premier version, a panel with a central section of dark blue vinyl soft to the touch with apparent seams – the material is also present in good condition. part of the lining of the front doors.

However, the interior of the novelty is basically the same as that observed in Onix and Onix Plus, bringing profusion of hard plastics – as in the rear doors.

The instrument panel is almost the same, except for the on-board computer screen, which is colored in all configurations of the SUV. The steering wheel is also identical in the three vehicles, which in the most equipped configurations come with two USB ports on the rear seat, but do not offer air conditioning output for those who go after any version.

Trio dispenses with flaps on the steering wheel and folding rear view mirror

Another thing in common with the three cars is the lack of fins for manual gear shifting on the steering wheel of the automatic versions – the operation is done through a little convenient button on the knob of the shift lever.

None of the trio offers electric folding of the exterior mirrors, even in the more equipped versions.

Tracker has bigger multimedia and color screen

SUV's instrument panel is almost identical, but differentiates itself by bringing colorful on-board computer - Marcos Camargo / UOL

SUV’s dashboard is almost identical, but differentiates itself by bringing colorful on-board computer

Image: Marcos Camargo / UOL

The operator interface and the speed of touch responses are identical in the MyLink multimedia center available for Onix, Onix Plus and Tracker.

However, only the SUV has an eight-inch touchscreen, against seven in the hatch and sedan versions that bring the equipment – standard in the entire range of the new Tracker.

In addition, only it has a seven-degree tilt of the multimedia screen, in the driver’s direction.

As mentioned above, only the SUV comes standard in all configurations with a 3.5-inch color screen on the instrument panel, which contains information from the on-board computer.

On Onix and Onix Plus, the screen is the same size, but it is monochrome.

SUV has exclusive full-LED headlights and taillights

Premier Tracker comes with full-LED headlights, technology also present in the turn signals, installed in the bumper - Marcos Camargo / UOL

Premier Tracker comes with full-LED headlights, technology also present in the turn signals, installed in the bumper

Image: Marcos Camargo / UOL

While the Premier version of the hatch and sedan features daytime driving front lights and LED taillights, only the Tracker has, in the same configuration, full-LED headlights and side light that comes on as you move the steering wheel – in addition to rear lights fully lit with this technology.

In the SUV, the daytime running LED lights are integrated into the headlights, while the front turn signals, also LEDs, are positioned at the lower ends of the bumper.

The three have headlight height adjustment across the range.

Tracker has more comfortable seats

The seats of the new Tracker are different from those offered on Onix and Onix Plus: they bring greater support to the back and apparently its foam is more rigid, increasing comfort compared to the hatch and sedan.

In the Premier version, the seats combine finishing with black and blue synthetic material, imitating leather, plus a strip of fabric in the center that resembles that used in the more complete versions of the Honda Civic.

Only the Tracker has, in the top-of-the-line configuration, an armrest in the back seat with two cup holders.

Hatch and sedan have armrest only on the center console, in plastic. The SUV has this support too, but covered in synthetic material simulating leather with apparent seams.

Only the SUV has automatic braking

Tracker has a camera on the windshield that detects the approach of vehicles ahead and applies brakes to avoid crashing - Marcos Camargo / UOL

Tracker has a camera on the windshield that detects the approach of vehicles ahead and applies brakes to avoid crashing

Image: Marcos Camargo / UOL

Another exclusive item of the Tracker in comparison with the “smaller brothers” is the automatic emergency braking system, which brakes the car alone when “realizing” the imminence of a collision in the car just ahead, at speeds of up to 80 km / h .

The system, which uses a camera on the windshield, installed behind the rearview mirror, also alerts with lights and sound when there is a risk of a crash. These technologies are not available for Onix and Onix Plus.

In addition, only the new Tracker offers an anti-fading system for the brakes, to prevent excessive heating and lack of efficiency, torque vectoring, which brakes the internal wheel to keep the car on the cornering curve, and a feature for greater efficiency. braking in a straight line. Items to ease the absence of disc brakes on the rear axle.

Exclusive panoramic sunroof

Panoramic sunroof with electric drive is another equipment available only for the new compact SUV - Marcos Camargo / UOL

Panoramic sunroof with electric drive is another device available only for the new compact SUV

Image: Marcos Camargo / UOL

Onix and Onix Plus do not have a panoramic sunroof, which comes standard in the Premier version of the Tracker.

In the sport utility vehicle, this sunroof has an electric drive, as well as the cover curtain.

SUV has smaller trunk than Onix Plus

Finally, the Tracker is 14 cm taller than the Onix and 3 cm wider than the hatch and Onix Plus.

Measuring 4.27 m in length, however, the SUV is 20 cm shorter compared to the sedan from which it derives. The 393-liter trunk of the SUV also loses to the 469 liters of the Onix Plus.

With 2.57 m of wheelbase, it is only 2 cm larger than the Onix and loses again to the sedan, which measures 2.60 m in that dimension.

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