How to request a break in the provision of mortgage loans?


How to request a break in the provision of mortgage loans? Caixa Econômica Federal has already registered more than 100 thousand requests for a pause in installments of real estate financing since this benefit was announced on Thursday, 19, said on Monday, 23, the vice president of the public bank, Jair Mahl . There is still no precise survey of how much this represents in terms of values.Download the Free Application from Mix Vale Portal

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the economy, Caixa announced last week that individuals will be able to request a pause of up to two installments through the application itself, without the need to attend agencies.

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The measure also applies to construction companies, which have loan contracts for the production of real estate. However, the pause does not eliminate the interest provided for in the contracts.

At the moment, the bank is internally evaluating the possibility of extending the pause to up to three installments, both for individuals and companies, said the Caixa team, during a videoconference organized by the Brazilian Chamber of the Construction Industry (CBIC).

The extension of the benefit should be announced on Wednesday or Thursday. “Caixa is a liquid bank, it is the bank of the Brazilian people. I hope that we can get through this period without so many problems, ”said Mahl.

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During the conference, the Caixa team explained that it already has almost 70% of the contingent working on a home office model and that it has endeavored to ensure the flow of resources to the construction companies. In the works, the money is released according to the evolution of the work in the construction sites.

As it is difficult to send technicians to inspect the works on the premises, the bank will accept to release the funds upon delivery of a spreadsheet from the construction company with the description of the evolution, accompanied by a photo and video.

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