Huawei P40 Pro: what the first reviews of the cell phone say without Google


Huawei unveiled on Thursday (26) the new smartphones P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro +, which goes head-on with Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras. The clear idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis new line is to attract the public through the lens, just like in the previous generation with the P30 Pro.

The new devices also demonstrate more independence from Google’s ecosystem, which no longer offers services to the Chinese manufacturer. Prices range from 799 euros to 1,399 euros. Availability and prices for Brazil have not been revealed, however.

Anyway, specialized sites and youtubers have already been able to get their hands on the P40 Pro, and first impressions are very positive. As Daniel Bader wrote for Android Central, “if the line [de smartphones] Mate 30 was the training, the P40 line is the main game, playoffs and the finals all together in one “.

Screen and design

In addition to the cameras, a much talked about aspect of the P40 Pro is its 6.58 inch (2460 x 1200) screen. In place of the notch, Huawei added a cutout with two front cameras in a hole in the upper left corner. The idea is similar to that of Samsung with the Galaxy S10 +. This change, however, did not please Bader:

“A small downgrade, in my opinion, is the change from the small centralized cutout for the camera, as in the P30, to a display with a hole on the left side, with two giant camera sensors looking at you. It’s anything but subtle, and breaks the symmetry of what would have been an almost frameless design “, he wrote in Android Central.

Another point about the screen is the new 90Hz refresh rate. At 9to5Google, Damien Wilde said, “Upgrading to 90Hz means that everything looks smoother and, in addition, the viewing angles are excellent”. On the other hand, the new notch did not please him: “It is a big and old cut,” he said.

At Forbes, Ben Sin compares the higher refresh rate with that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which reaches 120Hz. In the case of the P40 Pro, he claims that this difference between them ends up not being noticeable.

“The P40 Pro screen is beautiful and sharp, with vivid colors. Animations may not be as fast as on a 120Hz screen, but it is still impossible to detect this drop in frames – everything is still smooth,” said Ben.

In design, Huawei maintains the popular glass sandwich and metal frame, but the difference is that its screen is curved at the four corners. O GSMArena says that this is the first thing to notice on the device.

“The Huawei P40 Pro is a great example of Huawei’s craftsmanship – the manufacturer has an excellent track record of creating beautiful smartphones with attention to detail and we didn’t expect anything less for its main series [de smartphones] 2020 “points out the analysis of the P40 Pro GSMArena. The new smartphone continues with water protection (IP68) and the space occupied by the cameras at the rear has increased considerably.


Huawei P40 Pro Cameras

Huawei gained a lot of expressiveness after the P30 Pro. On the P40 Pro, according to the analysis of GSMArena, “Huawei has worked to improve overall quality, and each of the three cameras has a high resolution sensor with new color filters and enhanced lenses.” In total, the smartphone has five sensors:

  • 50 MP main (f / 1.9)
  • 12 MP (f / 3.4) periscope for up to 5x optical zoom
  • 40 MP wide angle (f / 1.8)
  • A 3D ToF (Time of Flight) sensor for depth of field
  • 32 MP Selfie Camera (f / 2.2)

At the GSMArena, the analysis cites “an excess of sharpness here and there, but not enough to ruin the excessively positive impressions we had.” In night scenes, according to the analysis, the photos captured with the main camera “are of a higher level”. “They have a great level of detail, balanced exposure, good colors, very low noise and perfect sharpness.”

The camera set of the P40 Pro also allows you to zoom up to 50x. Ben Sin from Forbes, reported “that the 10x and 20x zoom of the P40 Pro are excellent, but at 50x the image integrity is affected”. It is worth remembering that the P40 Pro + model reaches optical zoom up to 10x, and hybrid up to 100x.

Youtuber Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), from the United States, comments that the selfie camera impressed him in that first contact due to the amount of details preserved.


The P40 Pro has 4,200 mAh of battery and support for 40W chargers, in addition to being compatible with 40W induction charging. According to GSMArena, “a full charge is reached in 50 minutes”, while 80% of the battery is charged in 30 minutes.

At the Android Central, Damien Wilde commented: “With a 90Hz refresh rate screen that uses a lot of energy, some might find the 4,200 mAh battery low, and I was worried that the P40 Pro would not stand up to a whole day of use. I was pleasantly surprised, because he manages heavy usage calmly “.

Comparing Huawei’s new smartphone to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Ben Sin says the P40 Pro “provided a much better battery life thanks to the 90Hz panel, which consumes less power than a 120Hz one.”

Worth it?

Huawei P40 Pro

Before reaching the first minute of his video with impressions from the P40 Pro, youtuber Marques Brownlee said:

“No matter how good this smartphone is, it is not a smartphone that people like me in this market will buy, import or recommend”. The line of reasoning is accompanied exactly by the sanctions of the United States Government against Chinese companies, such as Huawei. The device arrives on the market without support for updates or Google applications.

The 9to5Google quotes that “the P40 Pro is easily the best non-foldable smartphone that Huawei has produced”. It is unanimous, at this first moment, that this is one of the best smartphones today. But there are also comments on the availability of Google applications and services.

“For hardcore fans [da marca], it’s a case of dealing with toothache until the AppGallery [loja de apps da Huawei] can strengthen its portfolio, “says the website analysis.” If you simply need a Huawei phone, but you can’t give up on Google’s application apps, you’ll have to settle for the still excellent P30 Pro. “

Jon Porter, from The Verge, wrote that “although Huawei offers a number of alternatives to get popular apps on its devices, many of them look like alternative solutions and may have disadvantages, such as the lack of access to automatic updates”.

Image: Huawei Nova 5 Pro

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