In addition to coronavirus, Dinho Ouro Preto has had swine flu and dengue fever – Coronavirus – Latest News


Dinho Ouro Preto, 55, said on Wednesday (25) that he contracted the new coronavirus. In recent years, the singer has also had other infectious diseases. In September 2009, he was diagnosed with swine flu, amid the outbreak of the disease worldwide.

More recently, in 2016, Dinho had dengue. In addition to his illnesses, in 2009, the musician suffered head trauma when he fell from a walkway attached to the stage during a concert by Capital Inicial in Pato de Minas (MG).

In an interview with Mônica Bergamo’s column, from Folha, Dinho stated that the symptoms he is feeling now, with the coronavirus, remind those of when he had dengue. “Leseira. Nausea. A lot of headache and a lot of body pain. No [os sintomas] what I had read about the [corona]virus.”
The singer said he will take cover at his home in São Paulo for the next 15 days, as instructed by doctors. “I’m fully wrapped up. I’m the only one at home dying of cold all the time.”

Isolated from his wife and children in a room on the property, he says he is fine, despite the “still low” fever that occurs “every day at the same time, at the end of the day” – which he has been treating with novalgine, adequate food and hydration, -as it was also recommended by health professionals. “If I just keep going, I can handle it.”

“For now, I am calm. Nothing major. It is an exception. I do not want to diminish the perception of gravity [da Covid-19]. I reiterate that I think it is serious, possibly the greatest crisis of our generation. But I had nothing that would need help. I was blessed. I will be isolated, eat, hydrate and wait “, he said.

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