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Credits: Roberto Trumpauskas
Former participant of BBB 20, Neapolitan Gui has been conquering new projects and collecting admirers in Brazil for his performance within the reality show. Today, Gui continues his modeling career and waits for Gabi Martins, participant with whom she had relationships inside the house, to continue dating with the singer. At 29 years of age, Bill is a sensitive guy and has a strong connection with family, friends and fans.

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Cultural Access: Tell us a little about your experience at BBB 20. What is your assessment of Gui inside the house and Gui out here?

Neapolitan Gui: Inside, although I think the biggest difficulty would be dealing with people I’ve never seen in my life, different people, and a whole change of behavior due to confinement, my purpose has always been to avoid fights and I had to go over my pride, which is my biggest defect, to live well with people who upset / disappointed me. Out here the balance is super positive, because I did not expect to go out with so many fans, receive so much affection and recognition, apart from the work proposals that I did not imagine the dimension it would be, for you to have an idea, I received work proposals even from sponsors of the program.

AC: You have stated more than once that your fans are for Gabi. Did anyone else in the house win your crowd out here? Who?

GN: My fans are still from Gabi, but other people also won my fans, because I see that they defend me a lot inside and I felt a good friendship also during the period that I stayed there: Mari, Flay, Prior and Babu.

Credits: Roberto Trumpauskas

AC: At what point do you think your friendship with Bianca hinted at something else on the show? And from the outside, would you change any attitude?

GN: As I said in other interviews, from the moment I started to be with Gabi, maybe I didn’t know how to measure my friendship with Bianca. It is worth mentioning that I have always had a lot of contact with Bianca since the first days of the reality show, but I have already acknowledged this mistake outside, in other interviews I gave, I have already apologized and inside those excuses had already been accepted.

AC: Did you feel that the doors opened more easily for you, after your participation in the reality show? What is your relationship with the fans?

GN: Yes for sure! My performance and my passage in the program was positive and I am reaping the rewards of this because of my attitudes and the person I am, both in the program and out here. The important thing for me is that most people saw me the way I really am. About the fans, my relationship with them is incredible, I love receiving this affection, this is very important to me! The dedication, each hug received, gifts and messages are priceless and I try to give back in the best possible way, giving due attention, just as they give the best to me!

AC: What can we expect from Gui Napolitano for 2020?

GN: You can expect a person who wants to work hard, I am focused on the professional side and thank God, there have been some really cool opportunities and I will try to make the best of it.

Credits: Roberto Trumpauskas

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