‘leader won’t like vip’


Prior and Flayslane talked at xepa during the early hours of today, at BBB 20, about their plans for the next few days in the game. “I’m going to do it,” said the singer about the angel’s tasting and Prior said, “If you give it to me, put Babu on the wall, there’s no way.”

It was then that the Paraiba explained: “I am talking about the monster” and the brother commented, referring to Gizelly: “Are you going to put it in the shape? That I will already be sure of. First leader who will not enjoy the VIP. I will still say: “I’ll just leave your friends there”.

Shortly before, in conversation with Babu, the architect also warned that he wanted to confront Gizelly: “Willingness to speak: Rafa, Manu, she put you in the VIP but thinks you are rich and don’t need the prize. If you piss me off , I’m going to talk, isn’t it a fire in the playground? “. The brother was referring to an argument with Gizelly at the last party, about her friendship with Pyong Lee and a conversation in which he heard the lawyer saying that Rafa had a perfume of R $ 6 thousand reais and Manu had a TV career since he was a teenager. .

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