Lima Duarte on Bolsonaro: ‘He wants me to die’


President Jair Bolsonaro’s speech about the coronavirus pandemic displeased many people. The speech received a lot of criticism on social networks, people thrashed against it and even some famous people revolted with the opinion and responded.

One of them was Lima Duarte, who, close to turning 90, felt quite offended by thinking that the politician does not care for the country’s elderly.

In a conversation with Extra, he defined the speech as ‘tragic’ and commented on what he felt when he heard it, disagreeing with the message conveyed by Bolsonaro.

“His speech is a tragic thing for me. He means: ‘let the old man die’. Young people are fine, boys are fine, so let the old man die. He wants to save the economy by punching, stabbing, shooting. He just wants the confrontation. As he talked, I thought, ‘Hey, he’s talking to me. He wants me to die! ‘ That’s what he’s saying to me and all the old people in this country, that old doesn’t matter. Difficult, right? “He said.

Because of the quarantine to prevent contagion by the coronavirus, Lima Duarte is isolated in his place in the interior of São Paulo. Currently, the actor was recording the second season of Aruanas, for Globoplay, but the activities were interrupted due to the pandemic.

Next Sunday (29), Lima Duarte extinguishes the candles, completing 90 years.

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Lima Duarte is honored at Film Festival


Last year, the 4th edition of the Brazil International Film Festival took place, an event that selected 63 films from more than 1500 short and long entries for the award, in Teresópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro.

Celebrities and professionals linked to the world of cinema were present at the occasion, which awarded the best at the gala night at Higino Palace, one of the most traditional and glamorous tourist spots in the mountain town.

On the date, the event paid tribute to Lima Duarte’s 70th career and the actor was thrilled to be called on stage, where his most recent work of the time, the short A Volta Para Casa, was shown.

There were also Débora Duarte, Rafael Vitti, Renato Bussiere, Cassia Linhares, Isabel Filaris, Paulinho Serra, among others.

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