Local reactive NY used to store 9/11 bodies


The place used in 2001 to store the bodies of the victims of the 9/11 attack, is being prepared as a morgue again, this time, so that victims who die as a result of infection with the new coronavirus are taken away.

It is around the Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, where military personnel were photographed by the staff of the “New York Post” newspaper, setting up the temporary morgue. The New York police and the local legal medical institute are overseeing the work.

In the coming days, more refrigerated trucks are expected to arrive to transport the bodies in the region.

New York City is the epicenter of the crisis caused by the new coronavirus in the United States, with 192 deaths until the last balance, while in the country the number of deaths has already reached 849.

According to the governor of the state of the same name, Andrew Cuomo, who has 210 victims, admitted that the cases double every three days and that the spread of the pathogen happens at the same pace as a “bullet train”.

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