Man discovers cheating after fiancee quarantined with lover: ‘It was a slap in the face’


The impact that the new coronavirus had on the life of Briton Matt Hillier, 28, was a little more than the need to be quarantined inside the house to avoid the contagion of Covid-19. But it was precisely this change in habit that opened the truth wide open: he was being betrayed by his fiance, Brazilian Octavio Santos, 33.

“The whole world was affected by the coronavirus and so was I – but not in the way I thought,” said Matt.

The discovery was made just two weeks from the wedding date, after a five-year relationship. He reported to the Daily Mail newspaper that the groom had been isolated with his lover, both of whom were suspected of having been infected with the new coronavirus.

“I am angry and hurt. He is a traitor and that was a slap in the face,” said the professor, who lived in the city of Warrington, England. “I moved to the other side of the world to start a life with this man,” he lamented.

Matt went to Belo Horizonte to work on the final preparations for the ceremony. He said he was excited to start life together in the same house. The truth about what was happening gave the first signs when the teacher learned that the groom spent a weekend in Rio with a mutual friend of the couple.

Shortly thereafter, however, Octavio, who is a doctor, said he was feeling very bad and described symptoms of Covid-19, such as fever and indisposition. “I was really worried because it looked like a coronavirus,” explained Matt.

The disappointment occurred when Octavio explained that he could not leave where he was due to the suspicion of the disease and ended up confessing that he had a relationship with that friend. The couple couldn’t even have a face-to-face conversation about the engagement, as Octavio needed to be quarantined in his lover’s apartment for 14 days. Their isolation is expected to end the day before the wedding.

“I’m really furious,” said Matt. “I can’t believe he cheated on me with this guy over the weekend and now the two of them are quarantined together. I can’t even call him to talk properly to see if we can fix this, because the other is in the next room his”.

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