Mayor of Vila Real warns of serious situation of 20 infected at home


“Given the seriousness of this circumstance, we are evaluating the activation of the municipal emergency plan and, if this happens, Social Security, the institution and the City Council will help to try to find a solution for this determination to be fulfilled”, said Rui Santos to the Lusa agency .

The first positive case in this particular institution of social solidarity (IPSS), which is in the historic center of the city, was detected on Sunday, in the case of a cancer patient.

According to the mayor, that same day “tests were requested to all employees and users”, however, he said that “only those who had symptoms were tested”.

Rui Santos said that “15 users were tested, giving 13 positives, and professionals, giving seven positives”.

The Public Health Unit of the Grouping of Health Centers (ACES) Marão and Douro Norte, today determined the isolation of the remaining 59 users and 50 professionals, including an employee awaiting the result of the test that was carried out by INEM.

The mayor considered that passing all employees to prophylactic isolation, “implies the abandonment of users”.

“This cannot happen. I defend that these users be transferred, as soon as possible, to the Military Hospital of Porto, similarly to what happened in the home of Vila Nova de Famalicão. This is the only alternative that I see today for this determination is fulfilled “, he stressed.

The transfer of users is, according to the president, “a model that has been tested, worked, that was found for the people of the Litoral” and, therefore, expects that “in the Interior they have the same rights”.

In Portugal, there are 30 deaths, seven more than the day before, and 2,362 confirmed infections, according to the balance made today by the Directorate-General for Health, which registers 302 more cases than on Monday.

Of those infected, 203 are hospitalized, 48 of whom are in intensive care units, and 22 patients have already recovered.

Portugal is in a state of emergency from 00:00 on Thursday and until 23:59 on 02 April.

The new coronavirus, responsible for the covid-19 pandemic, has already infected more than 386,000 people worldwide, of whom about 17,000 have died.

The countries most affected after Italy and China are Spain, with 2,696 deaths in 39,673 infections, Iran, with 1,934 deaths in a total of 24,811 cases, France, with 860 deaths (19,856 cases), and the United States, with 499 deaths (41,511 cases).

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