Ministry of Health launches new coronavirus data panel


Platform allows you to consult the number of confirmed cases and compare epidemiological weeks

On Thursday (26), the Ministry of Health presented a new information platform with data on the coronavirus outbreak in Brazil.

In addition to showing numbers of deaths and confirmed cases of the disease, the tool allows consultation of the number of patients infected by regions and states in the country.


The panel also offers visualizations on the number of cases per epidemiological week, the number of confirmed cases per day and the positive result and diagnosis curves accumulated since February 26, when the first patient with Covid-19 was recorded.

As in the last balances of the Ministry of Health, the number of suspected cases is not reported. The portfolio has ceased to divulge the statistics since Saturday (21) after announcing the measure at a press conference on the same day.

The decision, released at a press conference on Saturday (21), was announced after the portfolio released the statistics for the day. According to the executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, Joo Gabbardo Reis, the decision is associated with the fact that the country registered community transmission. He said that in this condition, any flu syndrome could be considered suspect.


As of Thursday afternoon (26), Brazil had 2,915 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and 77 fatal victims. More than half of the infected patients are concentrated in the Southeast region.

So Paulo is the state with the highest number of occurrences in the entire country. There are 862 cases and 48 deaths; followed by Rio de Janeiro, with 370 patients and 6 registered deaths. The pandemic already affects all states in the country and the Federal District.

Source: Coronavrus Brazil

Check out the map of the COVID-19 coronavirus in Brazil:
(situation up 3/25/2020)

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