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After the surprising elimination of Daniel with more than 80% of the votes last night, 24, in the BBB20, Marcela had a ‘girls night’ with friends to try to overcome the elimination of the beloved. While chatting with Thelma, Gizelly and Gabi, the doctor told hot details about her boyfriend.

Marcela reveals Daniel's gifts - Image: Globo

Marcela reveals Daniel’s gifts – Image: Globo

“I couldn’t even be a leader, sleep alone in my room and make a respectful comforter for this edition”lamented Marcela. “Not even the little head, Bad?”asked Gizelly. “No, just make out”, replied, surprising the sisters by saying “Even if he missed the hole”.

Curious about Daniel’s gifts, the friends kept asking Marcela about the boy’s instrument. “Surprisingly. But I didn’t see it, did I? ”said the doctor. “I’m in shock, I didn’t believe in the child’s potential”, joked Gizelly.

However, still not satisfied, the lawyer continued to ask about the size of Daniel’s ‘toy’. Marcela then took a long neck bottle and had to explain. “Plump? It is what matters most ”asked Gizelly. “Now that he’s out there, I’m not going to advertise, no”, chased the doctor. “Do you fill your hand?”, insisted the lawyer. “Scared me. Positively”, answered.


Last night there was the ninth wall of BBB20 and the one eliminated from the night, to the surprise of the brothers, was Daniel with more than 80% of the votes.

Although it was a surprise for the brothers, Daniel’s elimination was already expected by everyone outside the program. However, the gaucho did not expect that he would leave Globo’s reality so soon and, like Marcela and Ivy, his brother was also extremely surprised.

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