Monica’s Gang releases more than 180 historical comics for free


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THE Monica’s Gang is definitely the biggest comic book and culture franchise pop of Brazil. The characters created by Maurício de Sousa enchanted generations and have fans until today, whether in comics, in cinemas and even in games. That’s why the app initiative Monica’s stand was so praised.

O app offers comics that can be purchased so that fans can read even on cell phones and digital devices. And now, taking advantage of the quarantine moment, the Monica’s stand will make more than 180 historical editions of the Limoeiro Neighborhood Gang.

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Check out the post made by the official page of Turma da Mônica:

This package features 188 classic magazines from Monica’s Gang, focused on the most diverse characters, and published since 1950 until today. As revealed in the original post, this content will be available for free until the day April 25 – that is, you still have a month to check out these historical editions.

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Monica’s stand is available for iOS and Android.

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