Neighbors stone pregnant woman’s home after suspected coronavirus


Photomontage: Bruno Avila / TrocrandoFraldas / Personal Archive / Jornal de Brasília
A totally unusual case occurred in Águas Lindas de Goiás, which is in the interior of the state of Goiás. As much as there is a panic involving the general population in relation to the new coronavirus, there is a certain prejudice against those who acquire the disease.

Even though she was indoors, a 41-year-old pregnant woman heard stoned on her roof. The fact happened after she had a denied suspicion of Covid-19. There was speculation that she had the disease.

A rumor spread in the city after an audio of a nurse going viral among residents. The professional said that the woman would have acquired the disease caused by the new coronavirus after having contact with her brother, who would have returned from a trip in Italy.

The pregnant woman’s brother, a 38-year-old sound technician, was the one who reported the stoning at her home. He says it happened “rain of stones”And that the audio brought, in addition to the wrong information that his sister would be with Covid-19, other lies.

The sound technician said he traveled, yes, but not to Italy. The pregnant woman’s brother went to Paraná for work and is awaiting the result of a Covid-19 exam. He says that the pregnant woman went to the hospital with symptoms of a cold.

Upon arriving there, she had been diagnosed with pneumonia and returned home the same day. The nurse who sent the audio spreading the rumors was not identified. The brother’s complaint was registered at a Civil Police station. So far there is no information as to whether those responsible for stoning were held responsible.


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