New York confirms more than 20,000 coronavirus cases, up 38% in one day | National Newspaper


The state of New York confirmed 20,875 cases of Covid-19 on Monday (23), an increase of 38% compared to this Sunday (22).

New York is paused, as Governor Andrew Cuomo defined it. The state is the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States: it has more than half of the cases in the country. All non-essential trade is closed and the police have started to act on the streets to avoid crowds.

On that first day of tougher restrictions, some of the city’s most famous and busy places were practically empty, such as the World Trade Center shopping center, train station and subway.

But if in the streets everything seems frozen, in hospitals a battle is already taking place. With almost 150 deaths, there is a race against time. Mayor Bill de Blasio said that in ten days, the city’s health care system will not be able to properly care for patients due to lack of equipment.

A problem that Brazilian Karina Felix is ​​already experiencing. She is a nurse in one of the largest hospitals in the city and said that the model N-95 masks are being reused: “At each patient’s door, there is a plastic bag. What do we do? Throw the N-95 in that plastic over there and the hospital will sterilize it and send it back to us “.

Afraid of contamination, she took her daughter out of the house. “She is with my boyfriend and his family in Brooklyn and I am alone here, away from everyone,” she explained.

The governor determined that all hospitals present a plan to increase capacity by at least 50%.

Several alternative places are being prepared to become hospitals and one of them will be set up in the largest convention center in New York. And the Armed Forces are going to set up four emergency hospitals, with 250 beds each. All of them prepared with respirators to attend the most serious patients.

The state is also trying to move forward in treatment and has bought more than 800,000 doses of drugs to do clinical tests that begin this Tuesday (24).

The governor tried to send a message of resistance to the residents. He said: “We are socially separated, but spiritually connected”.

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