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Message from the Benfica director
                                                                                    Olympic, Ana Oliveira

Leadership, discipline … Vaccine!
The world changed in a few months. This is the time for
                                                                to be even more rational and less emotional. Together,
                                                                we follow the right path!

In a Portuguese Mission that possibly foresaw a
                                                                Olympic participation between 70 to 90 national athletes, the
                                                                Sport Lisboa e Benfica integrated in its project 36
                                                                athletes (18 from athletics, one from taekwondo, three from
                                                                swimming, five from judo, five from canoeing and four from
                                                                triathlon). By mid-March, close to half of the
                                                                “Benfica Olímpico” was in a qualifying position.

The remaining athletes, according to their respective
                                                                criteria, remained committed to reaching Tokyo,
                                                                path that, however, was interrupted by the pandemic
                                                                and consistent cancellation of national competitions and
                                                                international standards. But the most important one remains to be canceled:
                                                                Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, scheduled for the
                                                                period between July 24th and August 9th.

Pressure from different national committees on the
                                                                International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been evident,
                                                                already with some countries informing that they will not participate and
                                                                others, such as ours, the Olympic Committee of Portugal,
                                                                take a stand and request the IOC to urgently postpone
                                                                of the event, because this indecision has motivated a
                                                                marked instability and pressure on athletes and
                                                                teams around the world.

Result of a direction and leadership “to Benfica”,
                                                                multidisciplinary, informed, enlightened and concerned
                                                                that informs, guides and protects us, we all continue to
                                                                home and quarantine since the 12th. We are grateful for
                                                                that! More united and supportive than ever, athletes,
                                                                also residents of internship centers or residents
                                                                abroad, returned to their families
                                                                and since then, through permanent contact with the
                                                                Human Resources Directorate (DRH) and Human Performance
                                                                Benfica’s Department (HPD), have received support
                                                                unconditional support from our multidisciplinary teams.

And not only through advice and indications
                                                                recommended and to be followed, as well as
                                                                coaches and physiotherapists, when receiving plans
                                                                adapted training and recovery programs, counseling
                                                                in the area of ​​nutrition and, whenever necessary, the
                                                                respective individual psychological counseling.

As a result, we have all also received indications
                                                                IPDJ and the federations of the different modalities.

State, municipal and municipal sports facilities
                                                                private companies are closed indefinitely and in
                                                                or close to their homes,
                                                                “Exploring” geographically nature, but always
                                                                individually and safely, some athletes have
                                                                sought to maintain in some way the minimums of a
                                                                physical condition, which will always be out of alignment

On the other hand, not all athletes enjoy the same
                                                                opportunity in this regard, not only because of
                                                                characteristics of the area where they live as well as the
                                                                specific needs and characteristics of your

The IPDJ together with the respective federations
                                                                work and plan solutions that can cover
                                                                high competition athletes in Portugal. But when, how
                                                                and for whom specifically?

There are countries and federations, such as China, that
                                                                are revealing the ability to keep their teams
                                                                Olympic and high competition athletes in activity and
                                                                close to normal, but definitely in conditions
                                                                very special, with multidisciplinary teams that
                                                                act in circumstances of isolation and total security.

For now, the most important thing is that we are all safe
                                                                and protected, and for that it is crucial to remain
                                                                united and well informed, as well as “commanded” through
                                                                democratically elected leadership so that
                                                                together we can strengthen our discipline and wait
                                                                for such a vaccine for COVID-19, which could free us
                                                                again to a world that, for better or for worse,
                                                                it will hardly be the same again.

Ana Oliveira

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