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Photo by: Agência Brasil / Disclosure

The Epidemiological Surveillance of the city of Franca released a note with the updated numbers of Covid-19 in the city. Since yesterday, 6 new suspected cases have been registered, which now total 21 people who may have coronavirus. As no exam results arrived, Franca remains without confirmations and also without new denials. There have been no cases ruled out from clinical examinations since yesterday.

According to the infectious disease physician Homero Rosa Jr, of the Epidemiological Surveillance, the case of the 9-year-old girl who was admitted to the São Joaquim Unimed-Franca Hospital was reevaluated by him and his team, using a tomography scan, and ended up being reclassified as a Coronavirus suspect. . Yesterday, Surveillance had dismissed this case. Surveillance awaits the exams in order to confirm – or discard – the girl’s situation.

Source link,–mas-exames-continuam-sem-resultados


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