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Homero Rosa Júnior, says that the disease has not yet reached its peak and measures need to be maintained, especially social isolation.

Franca completes this Thursday, 26, a week of the decree of Mayor Gilson de Souza (DEM), with restrictive measures to contain the contagion of COVID-19.

The Coronavirus Confrontation Committee, created to take the necessary measures against the virus, both in the clinical and technical aspects related to the health area, and in the inspection of the rules contained in the decree, makes a balance that can be considered positive so far in the city .

The doctor responsible for the Epidemiological Surveillance of the Municipality, Homero Rosa Júnior, says that the disease has not yet reached its peak and measures need to be maintained, especially social isolation. “Social isolation is part of the epidemiological strategies to contain the spread of a virus that has not yet been treated, has no vaccine for prevention. So we need intelligence strategies that went right or wrong according to what each country did. We are learning from the successes of other countries, which showed that the best is precisely the containment of people who do not circulate. At this moment, this restriction is still necessary for us to be able to be safe and for Franca to minimize the damage caused by the epidemic. We are working so that there is no death. This is our daily work, ”said Homer.

Until the last bulletin released by the City Hall, this Wednesday, 25, Franca presented 24 suspicions of COVID-19, 6 negative cases and 33 were discarded. The next bulletin from the Health Secretariat will be released later this Thursday afternoon. “We know that deaths are more likely in groups of vulnerable people who are people over 60 or who have an immunity problem,” added the doctor.

The Mayor’s Chief of Staff and responsible for the Coronavirus Confrontation Committee, José Conrado Netto, believes that the population is doing its part in this first phase of the decree. “Our balance is positive. The population and the merchants are collaborating, understanding that the moment is to stay at home ”, said Netto, recalling that in the first days of the decree some traders insisted on not adhering to the rules of the city, being fined and interdicted. “Firstly, we are advising, but those who do not comply with the decree will be fined, as has already happened, and will be held responsible for the health administrative process.”

The person responsible for Health Surveillance, Felipe Granzotti, follows Netto’s thoughts. “The Health Surveillance has five teams on the streets in three periods to meet the requests of the citizens, the Civil Guard and the Military Police. First of all, we are advising those people who insist on opening their businesses, but if someone circumvents the rules of the decree, these places will be banned and suffer the consequences. Our job is to enforce the decree ”.

The mayor’s decree on COVID-19 was published on the 19th of April primarily for a period of seven days, but was extended until the next 7th of April. “Governing today is a mission and we are preparing to face the challenges. We are receiving the support of the whole society, which is very important. This decision is for the good of all ”, said Gilson de Souza.

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