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(photo: Playback / Internet)
(photo: Playback / Internet)

One month after the first case of the new coronavirus in Brazil, the Ministry of Health records deaths related to the disease in all regions of the country. According to the epidemiological bulletin released in the late afternoon of this Thursday (26th), there are 77 deaths across Brazil, a jump of more than 36% compared to the last survey. In addition, there are already 2,915 cases of the new coronavirus in the country.

Until last Tuesday, only Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo registered deaths due to COVID-19. However, 24 hours later, the Ministry of Health was already confirming deaths in Amazonas, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Sul, leaving only the Midwest region out of the death list. But on Thursday, a death was confirmed in the state of Goiás.

According to the bulletin, São Paulo remains the most critical state, with 1,052 cases and 58 deaths. On that Wednesday, 48 people had already died from the disease and 862 were infected. Meanwhile, Rio de Janeiro, the second state with the highest number of cases, has 421 people diagnosed with the new coronavirus, in addition to nine deaths.

The Southeast Region is still the one with the highest number of infections, registering 1,665, 1,208 more cases than the Northeast, the second region that has more cases. Minas has 153 (in the last bulletin it registered 133), and Espírito Santo continues with 39.

The Northeast already has 457 people infected, 15.7% of the total registered in the country. The most critical state there remains Ceará, with 235 cases and three deaths. Following the list, the South Region has 392 cases and two deaths.

The Midwest, despite being the least populated region in Brazil, is not the one with the lowest number. There, 275 cases have already been registered, against 126 in the North Region.

(photo: Disclosure / Ministry of Health)
(photo: Disclosure / Ministry of Health)

Other data

At the Thursday press conference on Thursday, a new ministry platform was also presented that gives more details about people infected or deaths related to Covid-19.

According to the data, the age group from 60 to 69 years is the one with the highest number of cases. The age group between 80 and 89, on the other hand, recorded the highest number of deaths. In addition, 58% of confirmed cases are men; in relation to deaths, this number increases to 68%.

The data presented by the federal folder also point out that, from February 26 (when the first case was confirmed in the country) until this Thursday, the number of cases notified per day jumped from one to 482.

Another relevant number pointed out is in relation to hospitalized people. Of the 391 people hospitalized, 341 are in serious condition.

The federal portfolio also raised that it has already distributed 6.69 million masks across the country. São Paulo was the state that received the most goods, being 1.435 million. On the other hand, Roraima only received 15,000 masks – the state was the last to register cases from Covid-19.

In addition, 940 thousand masks were sent to the Federal Police and 349 thousand to federal hospitals. Finally, 120 thousand were referred to the prison administration.

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