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The flu vaccination was resumed in Americana on Thursday (26) with intense demand. Only three places still have doses, according to the Health Department.

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Shortly before 4 pm, the city informed LIBERAL that the posts that continued with the vaccination were the UBS (Basic Health Unit) of Antonio Zanaga, the drive thru of the São Vicente supermarket and that of the Specialties Center.

Photo: Marcelo Rocha / O Liberal
Vaccination had queues at some stations in Americana this Thursday

In the sum between the first day of the campaign until the morning of this Thursday, 11,862 doses were applied to the elderly and health professionals.

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Of these, 9,600 were applied only on Monday (23), exhausting the first batch received by the state government. This week the municipality received another 11 thousand doses of the vaccine, which protects against H1N1, H3N2 and Influenza B.


New in this year’s campaign, the drive thru was in great demand and, according to the city hall, lines of more than one kilometer were formed.

Photo: Marcelo Rocha / O Liberal
Drive Thru was approved by seniors who sought vaccination this week

The measure allows the application of the dose without the elderly getting out of the car and was adopted in the parking lot of the Supermarket São Vicente (close to UBS Cillos), Specialties Center and UBS of Parque Gramado. It is a way to prevent the elderly from crowding to protect them from the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

Pensioner Claudete Magali Moreno, 68, went to the parking lot of the São Vicente Supermarket early on Thursday to get vaccinated. Afraid of the coronavirus, she thought the drive thru was a “good idea” to protect the elderly.

She had to face a long line of cars and said that she even caught people trying to “break the order”. “I spent an hour and forty minutes inside the car, I have to wear a belt, a mask, we feel bad. But I was very well attended, they work very well ”, he said.

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The city acknowledged that there was a delay above normal. “It turns out that it’s not just applying the vaccine, professionals need to guide the resident, write the vaccination stamp on the card and also ask about his current health situation. In addition, many vehicles end up taking three to four elderly people at the same time ”, explained the Health Department.

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