Paola Carosella talks with followers after criticizing Bolsonaro


Paola Carosella
Paola Carosella replied followers after criticizing Bolsonaro (Image: Reproduction / Band)

Paola Carosella was another famous person who decided to use her Twitter profile to express an opinion on the president’s controversial speech Jair Bolsonaro (without party) last Tuesday (24).

On a social network, the MasterChef judge created a war of opinions by detonating the President of the Republic. In a tweet, the Argentine chef positioned herself: “Outside, genocidal militiaman. Out”.

Many netizens ended up reacting against Paola’s comment. “Beloved, keep silent. You’re not even Brazilian. I admire you for your work, but I don’t even know where you vote. Here we have a little book called the Constitution ”, a follower fired.

The MasterChef Brasil judge countered the fan’s response: “Beloved, keep your ass shut. You need to read this book more often, then ”.

“You have no right to say that, you disrespect me, you disrespect Brazilian democracy, you disrespect the millions of Brazilians who elected you and you disrespect the public that accepted you as a genuine Brazilian and made you grow as a professional. Sometimes we must shut up ”, another user of the social network said.

However, the Band’s contractor replied: “If there is someone who is lacking respect for BRAZIL, it is not me. I swear. There is a guy there, the athlete, this is doing a lot of damage ”.

It is worth remembering that, in his speech, Bolsonaro blamed the media, claiming that patients infected with the coronavirus will not get more than a “little cold”. He also called for the country to return to normal.

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