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Crowd at the most popular pharmacy on Rua Zulmira Borba, in the Nova Lima neighborhood, this Tuesday (Photo: Marcos Maluf)
Crowd at the most popular pharmacy on Rua Zulmira Borba, in the Nova Lima neighborhood, this Tuesday (Photo: Marcos Maluf)

The flu vaccination campaign, which should have the reinforcement of 50 pharmacies in Campo Grande, started with problems this Tuesday (24). There are reports of registered places that have not even received doses from Sesau (Municipal Health Secretariat). In the pharmacies you have, the high demand soon ran out of doses in 1 hour.

There are also many people who do not even make the list of target audiences and disturb the locals in search of the influenza vaccine. It is important to remember that vaccines do not immunize against the new coronavirus.

In pharmacies where the Campo Grande News passed, agglomeration causes risk of contagion of the coronavirus, since nobody keeps the distance of at least one meter, recommended by health authorities.

This is the case of the Most Popular Pharmacy, on Rua Zulmira Borba, in Bairro Nova Lima. The retired Mercedes Mareco, 65, taken by her family to receive the immunization, was frustrated to not find the vaccine. He only found queue and turmoil: approximately 15 people without keeping their distance from each other, including people who are not part of the target audience of the first phase.

The retired Mercedes did not find a vaccine in the Nova Lima neighborhood (Photo: Marcos Maluf)
The retired Mercedes did not find a vaccine in the Nova Lima neighborhood (Photo: Marcos Maluf)

The granddaughter Dayana Ramona Mareco, 27, took the elderly woman. They arrived around 8 am, but before that, they went to the UBS (Basic Health Unit) Nova Bahia, which is not on the list of tents set up by Sesau.

Upon arriving at the pharmacy, they were informed that the vaccines did not arrive. “This is a lack of respect for the elderly, leaves the house and does not find it, many walk away to go after the vaccine so as not to find it,” criticized the granddaughter.

At the Ultrapopular Pharmacy, on Rua Olímpio Klafke, in Bairro Mata do Jacinto, the management distributed passwords, which have already run out, a total of 50. Now, only from 2 pm. There is a queue of approximately 30 people, but only 1 pharmacist applying the doses, with a recommendation to the public to keep the distance oriented in addition to advising to return in the afternoon.

Straight from the Streets – Campo Grande News has also received reports where vaccines have run out and people who went wrong, looking for places that are not on the official vaccination list.

This is the case of Adeni Batistoti, who went first to UBS Colonel Antonino, who is outside the official relationship. Then, at Drogaria Freire, on Avenida Mascarenhas de Moraes, the doses were over.

At the Drugstore 10 on Rua Anacá, in Moreninhas II, a video received by the report gives dimension of the turmoil. Over there, people said that the doses did not arrive:

Pilgrimage – Retiree Benedita Vieira dos Santos, 79, started her pilgrimage through pharmacies early on Tuesday. Along with her daughter, she passed Droga 10 at Vitório Zeola, in the Carandá neighborhood, then went to Drogaria Freire, on Avenida Mascarenhas de Moraes Coronel Antonino, and did not find the doses in any of them.

Finally, he found it at UBS Estrela Dalva, in Bairro Taquaral Bosque. “But the young man who was attending said that he only had 150 doses for today.” She says that she is in a privileged condition, because she can seek immunization. “But she thinks of those who do not have a car to travel the city. That’s very sad. They ask us to vaccinate, but there is this disorganization “, he criticized.

When participating in the beginning of the vaccination against the flu this Tuesday, the mayor Marquinhos Trad (PSD) affirmed that the end of the doses was already predicted and that each unit received 200 doses to immunize against influenza. As the mayor, the Ministry of Health will refill with new doses.

In Mata do Jacinto, Maria do Carmo says she went to the health center and the answer is that “they haven’t received it yet”. At 64, she complains that it didn’t help to plan the immunization day. “Getting people out of the house by exposing themselves unnecessarily? At the pharmacy, the password for the morning period has also ended. That way is complicated, ”he protests.

With her mother walking “very slowly”, Valéria dos Santos says that she has not yet managed to vaccinate her parents. “They are 72 years old, my mother suffers from fibromyalgia and has limited mobility. It turns out that they went to 4 pharmacies advertised on the city hall website, which the city has an agreement with, and said they have no vaccine to be administered ”

O Campo Grande News he also consulted Sesau, through the press office. According to the secretary, each pharmacy received a limited amount of vaccines to meet the demand this morning. “There is a very high demand, which generates agglomeration, which is not recommended due to the coronavirus pandemic”.

“It is important to reinforce that the exclusive vaccination for the elderly and health professionals runs until April 24, there being no need for this unbridled search at this moment. The establishments are being oriented to limit access to people and organizing through forms”, he stressed. the note from Sesau.

The note also states that delivery logistics “are still going on”. “So there are pharmacies that should still receive the immunobiological throughout the day. They were delivered in advance to the pharmacies that had already signed up at the beginning of the call,” he says.

“Those being added to the list now will consequently receive the vaccines later. SESAU asks people to be patient and avoid crowds. Prefer to return at another time if there are queues. There will be doses for everyone. Pharmacies should also operate at weekends, which will facilitate access “, he concludes.

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