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This Thursday (26th), the Parintins City Hall started a work of cleaning several public places in the city. The proposal is to sanitize places with greater circulation of people and protect against the coronavirus.

Places such as port, market, square, sidewalks, outside areas of hospitals and health posts and other public places receive a cleaning service with a solution of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and water, a health guideline that occurs throughout the country. world.

“The action is carried out to avoid possible outbreaks, possible sites of the coronavirus, since the virus survives on some surfaces for some time. So, to prevent this proliferation, to prevent other people from being contaminated, today this hygiene started to reduce the spread of the virus in Parintins “, informed the secretary of Works, Mateus Assayag.

The work is carried out by the operational department of the Municipal Works Department (Semosp). The coordinator of this department, Osório Melo, informs that there is always a care for the safety of the worker and the health of the population of Parintinense.

“This action is very important. We ask that it serve to raise people’s awareness, as we are on the streets, but we ask that the population stay at home,” he said.

The work is initially concentrated in the city center. But, according to the Secretariat of Works, the service will be taken to points such as the staircase on the edge of the Union, French, Praça dos Bois, fairs, squares and other places.

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