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Positive pressure in the market

The reference price for live cattle in São Paulo is R $ 200.00 / @ (gross price), an increase of 3.1% in the comparison made day by day, or R $ 6.00 / @.

With the Senar discount, the at sign is quoted at R $ 199.50, and at R $ 197.00, tax free (Senar and Funrural), considering the cash price.

The restricted supply of cattle, hampering the slaughter scales, caused the industries to offer higher prices.

In the state, the scales advanced punctually, but they still remain lean and serve an average of three days. Longer scales just skipping slaughter days.

Highlight for Mato Grosso

The price increase was also registered in another 12 cattle ranches.

In some regions of Mato Grosso, for example, industries have advertised purchase offers at up to R $ 15.00 / @ more, well above the price in effect yesterday (3/24).

In the Cuiabá region, for example, the price of the fat ox is R $ 177.00 / @, in cash, free from Funrural. With the Senar discount, the price is R $ 176.50 / @ and, free of taxes, R $ 174.50 / @.

Bone-in meat market

Despite consumption still uncertain, purchases from the last few days have reduced inventories. With the limited supply of bone-in meat, prices are firm.

The married ox of castrated animals is quoted at R $ 13.16 / kg, up 1.2%.

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