Recife resumes vaccination against flu this Friday


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Photos: Andra Rgo Barros / PCR

After suspending the National Flu Vaccination Campaign for one day for having applied more than 130 thousand doses in three days, the City of Recife will receive 46 thousand doses of vaccine and, with this, will be able to resume immunization of the elderly and health professionals. this Friday (27). The Health Department (Sesau) of Recife will vaccinate the elderly only at the two vaccination points in the drive-thru scheme in which the population over 60 does not need to get out of the vehicle to be immunized. Health professionals will continue to be vaccinated only in health units in Recife, in an attempt to separate them from the public over 60 years old. Vaccination will be from 9 am to 5 pm.

As was done last Wednesday (25), there will be drive thrus exclusively for the elderly at Shopping Rio Mar, in Pina, and in Parque da Macaxeira, in the North Zone of Recife. The two points set up to avoid agglomeration are the result of a partnership with the JCPM Group and the State Traffic Department (Detran-PE). Vaccination of the elderly in municipal schools and daycare centers was suspended this Friday because it is the day that the Recife Department of Education will be distributing basic food baskets to the families of more than 90 thousand students in the municipal school system, whose classes are suspended because the Municipal Contingency Plan Covid-19, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

Between the last Monday (23) and the fourth (25), the Recife Immunization Program vaccinated more than 50% of the people who should be vaccinated in the 18 working days of this first campaign phase, which runs until the 15th. de Sa├║de believes that the elderly’s demand for immunization exceeded expectations, both in Recife and in several cities in the country, because of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the coming days, the Ministry of Health should send more doses to guarantee the vaccination of the rest of the target audience of this first stage.

OTHER STEPS – Divided into three stages, this year’s National Vaccination Campaign against Flu has as a novelty the inclusion of people with disabilities and adults from 55 years old in the priority groups for immunization. Starting on April 16, when the second phase of the annual campaign begins, teachers from public and private schools, people with chronic non-communicable diseases and professionals from the security and rescue forces will be vaccinated.

In the last stage, between the 9th and the 23rd of May, children from 6 months to 5 years old, pregnant women, puerperal women (women who had children for up to 45 days), adolescents and young people from 12 to 21 years old will be immunized in compliance socio-educational, prison system employees, population deprived of liberty, people with disabilities and adults from 55 to 59 years old.

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