Redoubled care: Sofia Jardim infected with the new coronavirus – Famous


Sofia Jardim is infected with Covid-19 and is quarantined with her daughters: Luz, 8 years old and Leonor, 10, the result of the old relationship of 12 years with Domingos Amaral
Public relations contracted the virus in France, on a trip he took with friends in February.
“We returned from a trip on February 29. One of the members of the group had pneumonia, tested and tested positive. At the time, I was already at home, because my daughters had no school, and I never left”, revealed Sofia Jardim to ‘Lux’.

When she arrived in Portugal, Sofia also took the test to confirm that she was infected. Only the youngest daughter was with the PR on the trip, but Leonor ended up being in contact with her mother before she did the test. They didn’t take the test because they were both with me, so it was natural that there could have been contagion. What the National Health Service suggested was that they both stay with me at home “, he also revealed, guaranteeing that he has been feeling well and without symptoms.

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