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It is the end of an era in The Walking Dead, as Danai Gurira dropped his katana and undid his braids as the fans’ darling, Michonne.

Although fans of the series knew that Michonne would be leaving in the tenth season for what seems like an eternity, that didn’t make the episode any less shocking. We had several clues about Rick Grimes’ return to The Walking Dead universe.

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Although most of the episode was a “fan service” for those who accompanied Michonne since the second season’s premiere, the final act put the pieces into practice for an epic crossover with the planned Rick Grimes film trilogy. Unlike Lori, Shane, Glenn, Carl, Abraham, Sasha and Alpha, Michonne and Rick lived to fight another day.

The shocking discovery

While characters like Daryl Dixon refused to believe that Rick perished during the ninth season’s explosion, Michonne finally also discovered that Rick didn’t die. Well, not yet.

Michonne’s farewell started when she found Rick’s exclusive cowboy boots and an enigmatic message hidden aboard a finished military boat.

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Michonne was confused when she found a chalk drawing of herself and Judith Grimes, alongside some Japanese texts and the name “Rick”.

Business Insider looked around and went straight to the source of the story to ask producer Angela Kang what Rick’s message means. Kang, of course, did not disclose what’s next for Michonne and Rick, although she left a clue by revealing that the Japanese translation is “believe a little more”.

She added, “The phone is obviously a hint of a bigger story that happened,” indicating that there is a flashback centering on Rick behind the scenes somewhere.

Last month, franchise supervisor Scott M. Gimple indicated Michonne’s role in Rick’s trilogy, so the logical way forward now is a trip around the world. The inclusion of Japanese writings suggests that Rick could have found a new goal in the Land of the Rising Sun, which would definitely ease criticism from the story.

Viewers ask for an exploration of the zombie-filled world in The Walking Dead, while Rick’s films seem to be the perfect way to do that.

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What comes next?

Although Michonne is a question mark at the moment, Rick’s next steps are undoubtedly a little simpler. The sheriff was last seen being taken by helicopter by the mysterious group known as CRM.

With a three-ring symbol, CRM emerged in the main series, added another mystery to the fifth season of Fear the Walking Dead and is confirmed to be an important part of The Walking Dead: World Beyond. It’s a matter of connecting the dots of how Rick went from the CRM helicopter to a military boat.

Fortunately, there can be up to six years of difference between these events, which makes for a very convenient narrative.

Ironically, Chandler Riggs (known for playing Carl Grimes) gave his own theory about how The Walking Dead will end, which also brings back his dearest father. Speaking at Wizard World Cleveland (via Comic Book), the young star predicted a bloody war between Maggie Rhee (head of the Empire) and Rick Grimes as part of the CRM.

Riggs explained: “My kind of theory is that the whole CRM thing that they are putting together is going to be CRM against the Empire and there will be a big battle in the end. That’s how we’re going to close the entire franchise. That is my guess. ”

Even though Michonne and Rick are currently miles away – thousands of miles, it seems – there is no doubt that they should meet at some point in the future. However, where does that leave Michonne for now?

After evaluating her life choices, Michonne had a vision of a reality in which she abandoned Andrea de Laurie Holden and became a murderer of the Saviors of Negan. Michonne found herself back in reality, where she helped an injured couple return to a group – which created another community.

The last scene occurred when Michonne, shocked, looked at a huge convoy of survivors and their cars. Given the clothes and horses that were part of the colony, there is a definite Old West theme for Michonne’s departure.

Japan and the Wild West seem like an inspiration from The Walking Dead in Westworld, but it will probably make a lot more sense when Gurira or Lincoln returns to the world of zombies. Unfortunately, Michonne is giving up for now and we are left with more questions than answers.

The tenth season of The Walking Dead continues on air.

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