Simone’s son falls over and gets hurt during quarantine: ‘It was horrible’ – 03/24/2020


Simone, Simaria’s sister and partner in the country duo, took a huge fright this week due to a fall by her son Henry, 5 years old.

In her Instagram account, she said that the fall occurred at a time of distraction during the quarantine, which Simone’s family fulfills due to the advancement of the coronavirus. The boy ended up hurting his face. “I took a walk because Henry took a fall yesterday. He fell by the pool and opened that side [da face]. It was terrible, but he is great, thanks to God “, told the countryman.

According to her, a doctor went to the residence to see Henry and do the dressing. “I want to thank Dr. Jorge who promptly came to the rescue for me here at home, took care of my son with great affection. The good thing in life is that we have friends, and he is very dear, my friend, came here and helped me with my son. , so God bless you a lot, my brother. Thank you very much “, she said, touched.

In a new video in the stories, she stated that Henry is already recovered. “Everything is under control, Henry is fine, playing. Normal, right? Quarantine is like that,” he said, while in the videos the boy appears smiling. Henry is Simone’s son with businessman Kaká Diniz.

Because of concerns over the spread of the disease, Simone dismissed her team last week and was willing to clean the mansion itself.

“I’m finished, what I cleaned this house! I cleaned the house all day. I only need to clean the deck, back there too. It will take at least three hours of my life to clean that deck. That’s what you have to do in this quarantine: clean the house, “she began. Showing a calloused hand, the countryman said: “Not to say that I didn’t clean, look at the pants, look at the pants to clean the house”.

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