‘Sleep and scream’, Babu shoots Ivy in conversation


In the afternoon of BBB 20 today, while lunch was being prepared in the kitchen of the shepherd, Babu and Prior talked about the climate of the confinement and the discontent of some sisters with the organization of the house.

“The girls are already starting to complain,” noted the architect. “What?” Asked the carioca. “Rafa is complaining that people are not doing the dishes,” explained the brother.

“This is not today,” replied Babu. “But he is complaining saying: ‘There are people who didn’t wash from the beginning’. Referring to Flay, Mari and Ivy, they are the three who do not wash,” said the paulista.

“Ivy doesn’t do anything, does nothing. Something I talked to you about, but as much as we don’t agree, the audience sometimes laughs, she talks a little and they laugh, then they leave her for a while “, evaluated the actor. “Her merit,” said Prior.

“But what I’m telling you, I’m trying to analyze,” replied Babu. “So far I haven’t understood her game,” said the architect. “It’s because she sleeps and screams,” fired Babu. “Nothing to do, she screams and sleeps too,” joked Prior.

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