SP government anticipates flu vaccination for police forces


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Governor João Doria announced on Wednesday (25) the anticipation of vaccination of Influenza (flu), starting next Monday (30), for military police, civilians and professionals of the Fire Department. The vaccination of this public was expected to begin on April 16, but was advanced within the strategies to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19) in São Paulo.

“At the recommendation of the Coronavirus Contingency Center, we anticipate the vaccination of these professionals. A decision supported by grounded measures, as well as all State initiatives, with the objective of protecting health and protecting lives ”, said Doria.

The flu vaccine does not immunize against the new coronavirus, but the campaign is essential to reduce the number of people with respiratory symptoms in the coming months.

“Anticipation for this group is essential, as they are at the forefront of the pandemic, together with health professionals. Our expectation is to immunize around 100,000 police officers across the state, ”explained Secretary of State for Health, José Henrique Germann.

In this first stage of the campaign, elderly people over 60 years of age and health professionals will also be immunized, totaling 6.1 million people in this stage. From April 16, teachers and patients with chronic diseases, such as asthma, diabetes, immunosuppressive diseases and others, will be vaccinated.

On the 9th of May, the third stage will begin, aimed at pregnant women, puerperal women (with up to 45 days after delivery), children from six months and under, indigenous peoples and other priority groups, including two new audiences inserted in from this year on: adults from 55 to 59 years old and people with disabilities (physical, hearing, visual, intellectual and mental or multiple). On the start date of this last stage, the National Mobilization “D Day” is also foreseen, when the stations should operate on Saturday, from 8 am to 5 pm.

The anticipation of the vaccination campaign is the result of a major operation by the Butantan Institute, which accelerated the production of the 75 million doses of the vaccine that will be provided for the national campaign – the largest in history in Brazil, with an increase of 13% compared to the from last year.

Guidance for health professionals

The State Department of Health expanded, in partnership with the municipalities, the vaccination stations for influenza (flu) vaccination, aiming to avoid agglomerations and thus prevent the population against COVID-19. To date, the number of vaccination points is around 11,500 fixed and mobile, including schools, daycare centers, pharmacies, boats, buses and vehicles, in order to reach the target audience in all regions.

The state portfolio also advised health professionals who will work on the campaign to organize the queue and the environment. Screening should be done to identify respiratory symptoms – presence of fever, cough, runny nose and shortness of breath. If the person has a fever or poor general condition, a mask should be placed on the patient and the vaccine postponed, with guidance for going to a health service. Masks should also be placed on those who have a cough or runny nose, but in these cases the dose may be applied and, even so, the person will be guided to seek a health service.

The teams must note the doses applied, with tables and a distance of at least 1 meter between the recorder and the patient. Each professional must use his own pen and alcohol, which must be available for use. The vaccinator does not need to wear gloves or a surgical mask, just follow the hygiene rules.

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