Spain, France and United Kingdom consider extending quarantine for coronavirus | National Newspaper


In Spain, the number of daily deaths has dropped for the first time in a week, but the statistics are still frightening.

Spain woke up with empty streets. Hospitals and funeral homes are full. Only on Thursday (26), the country recorded 655 deaths; the total is over 4,000.

To understand how the disease continues to spread, the authorities ordered rapid coronavirus tests from China. But laboratories indicate that the results are inaccurate, that is: the official number of more than 56,000 contaminated in Spain may be much higher.

The director of a hospital in Madrid says the emergency is saturated.

“After all, there is a very strong emotional factor,” he says.

As no relative can enter the hospital, doctors are often the ones who promote the last meeting between the family and the patient – by video link.

In France there were 365 deaths in 24 hours. The country counts almost 30 thousand infected. This Wednesday (25), the French church bells rang at the same time in honor of the medical teams on the day of the Annunciation.

The British also took time to remember who works in hospitals. The UK is concerned about the high demand for artificial respirators in the country. One of the missing parts, the fan that helps the device to work. The government ordered 10,000 appliances from a large company that makes hair dryers and vacuum cleaners.

London City Hall took advantage of the slump in the megalopolis to paint the most famous crosswalk in the world. It was there that the Beatles crossed over for a photo that made history: the cover of Abbey Road, a record released 50 years ago. Just a global pandemic to make this place so empty.

In these very different days, the classic bars, put sidings on the door. The parks are open.

Asylums, on the other hand, put no limit on the number of visits. But just like that: over the internet. It’s like Dona Minnie has been talking to her daughter Sandra.

“This is my favorite daughter. But although I only have one, ”she says.

Affection is reinventing itself, and it can come out even stronger.

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