“Stay at home. Together we will overcome ”, asks dentist with coronavirus in ES


Henriky Breda returned last week from a trip abroad. Credit: Reproduction / Social Network
Henriky Breda returned last week from a trip abroad. Credit: Reproduction / Social Network

Capixaba Henriky Breda Rafalski, the first confirmed case of the new coronavirus in Santa Teresa, released a report on social networks telling how everything happened and how the treatment is being. He returned from a trip abroad last week and was diagnosed with the virus.

In the text, released on Tuesday morning (24), Henriky reinforces the request for everyone to stay at home: “Stay at home, that together we will overcome. The feeling of accomplishment remains with me and I wash my hands because I know that no contamination will come out of me ”, he highlights.


According to the report, in September last year, Henriky bought the tickets for Austria. At the time, there was no information about the new coronavirus. According to him, in March he continued to monitor the situation in countries that already registered cases of the disease.

“My trip was on March 5th. As the country I was going to visit was outside the risk area and without restrictions, and when it was impossible to change the flight at the time, I decided to continue the trip and go to Austria, I remember again, a country that until then was not a risk area. The trip happened in a normal way, there were no isolation guidelines. Even so, I knew I had a virus causing problems in Europe. In the uncertainty, I decided to use alcohol gel, to wash my hands constantly, to avoid crowded places. The following week, the whole of Europe was collapsing, the country we were in told that no one should leave home, just as it is now in Brazil, and I did it ”, he describes.


According to the capixaba, the return to Brazil happened last Wednesday (18th). “Knowing that just because I passed through airports I could already be a vector of the virus, even though I was asymptomatic, I took my car and went to my residence, I didn’t leave at all, not even to take out the garbage inside the house . On Friday, March 20, a dengue agent knocked on my door asking to do dengue control, I told her not to come in, as I had just arrived from a trip and could not see anyone. Immediately, she notified the Municipal Health Surveillance, who contacted me ”, she explains.


The dentist also says that on the same day he developed some symptoms of the disease, such as weak cough and fever, requirements for him to be tested. “I did the test and the result was positive for the coronavirus. I’m still asymptomatic, normal life, but I’m still 100% isolated ”, he says.


For Henrique, the care to maintain social isolation is essential to avoid the increase in cases.

Henriky Breda Rafalski


“I emphasize the importance of staying at home. Everyone is a suspect until I prove otherwise. I had the good sense to stay at home. Is everyone who has the virus and is asymptomatic, 100% at home, or is giving back at the supermarket? “

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